In farming it is often prudent to consider a “balanced system” of machinery, storage, herd size, waste removal, purchased inputs, custom service, etc. It also calls for planning ahead. 

One of the many advantages of a modern Tower Silo is its ability to fit this type of structure into a fully mechanized system of storage, handling and feeding.  It can be used as part of an automated distribution and feeding system to include automatic rationing.  In fact, much of the system can be automated if desired. 

Computer automation and a conveyer running the length of a feeding stall can permit the silage to be automatically dropped from above by each animal, with the amount dispensed customized for each location.  When used in conjunction with a Tower Silo, the new, completely mechanical and/or automated ration/feeding system saves countless hours of labor, improves milk production, minimizes spoiled feed and increase profits.

In a recent Ag publication was an article titled:  “What will the dairy farm of the future look like?”  AUTOMATION – AUTOMATION – AUTOMATION!  Starting with a Tower Silo as the feed storage device and in conjunction with the feed handling equipment available today, total feed automation is not only possible, it’s already being done.  The future is now!  



The ISA has been in existence for 110 years with the purpose of promoting the use of tower silos and supporting the feed handling equipment industry.  We do this by working toward the advancement of education, research, and dissemination of information concerning all facets of and the benefits of the tower silo, preserving top quality forage, silage and grains; and feeding automation.  We have contacts with Ag educators, banks, safety related organizations, and others to advocate the promotion of the tower silo and the related Ag automation industry. 

ISA continues and will continue to represent and provide services that benefit the manufacturers of tower silos and feed handling equipment, as well as the manufacturers of silo accessories, related farmstead equipment, and other allied products. 

ISA will continue to support and provide services that benefit the manufacturers of tower silos   for industrial and commercial purposes as well.