Silo Safety

As with all machinery and certainly all farm machinery, the operator must always be totally alert, knowledgeable and have all the necessary skills to operate that specific piece of equipment; to operate it safely and efficiently. A Tower Silo is no different than your Tractor or you Pickup Truck in that you need to know how to operate it safely.

Just like driving your pickup truck, you are alert and attentive to road signs, especially Danger and Caution Signs that help to insure your safety as you travel down the road. Tower Silos have “Do’s” and “Don’t” as well. Just like the warning signs on the road “remind” or “Inform” us of a potential hazard, Safety signs on a tower silo also “remind” and “inform” us of potential hazards when working on or around a silo.

Most of us were required to get a driver’s license before venturing out onto the road. We were given a booklet called the “Rules of the Road”, had to study it and pass test. Now, you don’t need a license to operate a silo, but just like learning how to drive, the first thing we should do is:


The “Silo Operator’s Manual” is an instruction manual on how to operate a tower silo safely and properly. The manual will help you get the excellent results from your Tower Silo that you expect. (If you don’t have a “Silo Operator’s Manual”, contact your local silo company. Manuals are also available for purchase directly from the ISA.)

When reading through thee manual, pay particular attention to the “Safety” section and follow all instructions pertinent to your safety and the safety of those around you.

Warning signs should be placed on your silo as a reminder of potential hazards. These signs are available from your local silo company or directly from the ISA. Samples of warning signs and where they are to be placed on the silo are shown below.