National Cement Silo Association, Chicago, IL December, 1917


The Concrete Tower Silo first made its appearance in 1893 and throughout its history, structural engineering and research of one kind or another has been a never ending process.  Our mission is to maintain a line of communication with the International Silo Association (ISA) members, dairy organizations, agricultural media sources, governmental agencies, agricultural departments and universities, and all others that affect the silo industry.

The goals of the ISA have remained unchanged throughout the Association’s history.

*To mold the silo industry into a responsible and progressive organization devoted to producing quality silos for the benefit of their customers.

*Create and maintain high building standards and educational tools to promote the proper and safe construction of Tower Silos.

*To be involved in the production, distribution, building and financial functions of the Tower Silo industry.

*To keep informed the members and non-members of the silo and feed handling industry on the latest trends in feed storage handling, crop process containers, storage structures, and safety in the industry.

*Promote the Tower Silo and educate the public to its use and benefit as the most efficient storage method, especially when used in conjunction with feed automation.

*Educate the public in the proper use of a Tower Silo to ensure the ultimate outcome of high quality feed.

*To advance the education and research, the promotion and dissemination of information of and about the preserving and the processing of more quality ensilage, and consideration of common intra-industry problems of management and other objectives which are recognized as proper and lawful activities of trade associations.

*Educate the public on the proper use and maintenance of a Tower Silo to ensure safety.

*Co-operate with other industries and organizations in the promotion of Tower Silos and establish industry conduct for the greatest economy and efficiency.