Nothing Works Like a Tower Silo

Tower Silos

The Tower silo of today is the best and most capable storage unit for serving the diverse needs of the dairy industry and feed automation. This is made possible by:

Advances in Unloading Technology

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Increased Filling Speed

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Smaller land requirements

Example: A 20x70 tower silo contains the same volume of material as a 40Wx100Lx8’H bunker. In comparison, the tower silo sits on a 400 sq ft and the Bunker sits on 4,000 sq ft.

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Reduced labor requirements

Tower silos on average require two-thirds less labor to load and unload over other storage methods. (See “Storage Costs” Ref: Chart)

Reduced storage losses

A Tower Silo is a more “Fool-Proof” method of storage, thus requiring less management. Gravity helps a tower silo pack itself, and the roof helps reduce exposure to the elements. The difference in reduced dry matter loss using a Tower Silo over a bunker or bag ranges from 4.3% to 16.9%. These percentages are based on studies conducted at the USDA’S Agricultural Research Services (ARS) dairy forage research center in Madison, WI. 

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