The following companies are in good standing with the International Silo Association. They can provide you with more complete information. If you need help contacting these people feel free to contact the ISA office.


New York

Martin Silo of New York
Stanley, NY

Elvin Martin
Tel: 585-526-6575

Mid-State Tech Inc.
Munnsville, NY

David Stanek
Tel: 315-495-6506


Mason Lawrence Silo
Urbana, OH

Tom Rich
Tel: 937-653-7429

Mast Lepley Storage Structures
Wooster, OH

Al Horst
Tel: 330-264-1338


Myerstown, PA

Jacob Stoltzfus
Tel: 717-949-2034

Country Ag Service
Lititz, PA

Earl Zimmerman
Tel: 717-738-3066

J & J Silo Company, LLC.
Gordonville, PA

John Fisher
Tel: 717-768-7456

Troop Equipment
David Troop

230 Troop Road
Cochranville, Pa 19330
Tel: 610-593-6731

Pennsylvania (continued)

Lancaster Concrete Stave Silos
Lancaster, PA

Mervin Stoltzfus
Tel: 717-656-8636

McMillen Bros. Inc.
Loysville, PA

Clair McMillen
Tel: 717-789-3961

Meadow Springs Farm Shop
Gordonville, PA

Elmer Smoker
Tel: 717-768-3337

Railside Machine LLC
Martinsburg, PA

Mervin Martin
Tel: 814-793-3529

Morrison Cove Silo
Martinsburg, PA

Clair Martin
Tel: 814-793-0023

Penn Jersey Products, Inc.
New Holland, PA

Drew Possessky
Tel: 717-354-4051

S&I Pump Crete LLC
Honeybrook, PA

Solomon Zook
Tel: 610-273-3993

Show-Ease Stall Co & Equip.
Ephrata, PA

Connie Bender
Tel: 717-299-2536


Upright Krete Works
170 Palmer Rd

Newport ME 04953
Ephraim Renno
Tel: 207-735-7016

Pennsylvania (continued)

Sollenberger Silos, LLC
Chambersburg, PA

Randy Gayman
Tel: 717-264-9588

Superior Silo, LLC
East Earl, PA

Jim Burkholder
Tel: 717-445-5751

Synergy Ag Service, LLC
Chambersburg, PA

Randy Gayman
Tel: 717-709-0000

Zimmermans Glasslined Storage
Oakland Mills, PA

Marvin Zimmerman
Tel: 717-463-9731

Rovendale Ag & Barn
Kurtis & Donny Rovenolt

1300 Susquahanna Trail
Watsontown, Pa 17777
Tel: 570-538-9564

Gap View Machine LLC
Tim Zook
5640 Limeville Road

Gap, PA 17527
Tel: 717-487-9222

International Silo Association
Jim Pleitner President/Administrator
80 Golf Acres Road

Mohnton, Pa 19540
Tel: 610-607-3622


Virginia Silo
Dayton, VA

Derek Showalter
Tel: 540-879-2541

Equipment Distributors

DeMuth Steel Products

Lancaster Level-Flo

Jamesway Farm Equipment, Inc.

Val-Metal, Inc.

Valesco MFG/Silo-Matic

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