While the initial cost of the tower silo may exceed that of horizontal options, in the long run this the cost of labor and spoiled forage will quickly overcome this difference.

Please click here to see a chart comparing both Horizontal and Vertical Storage, Including Unloading Cost, for a Twenty Year Period.

Please click here to see a chart featuring a Twenty Year Investment and Operating Cost for Vertical Storage Systems.


Cost Comparisons:
The following are approximate cost for each type of silo to be used in the following spreadsheets. For exact costs, contact your local silo construction company.

This spreadsheet compares and tallys the cost involved in tower and bunker storage. Spreadsheet is in Microsoft Excel format. Click here to view along with its accompanying press release (in Adobe PDF format)

A form that can be filled out and sent to the International Silo Association for a complete analysis of your feed storage situation. Form is in Adobe PDF format.
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These documents are in PDF format. If you do do not have a PDF reader, please install one like Adobe Reader to view these documents.

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